Crypto trader and investing finance mananger.
A community for 3d motion designers to hang out and talk about work
Thank you for joining/requesting to join this group. We can do more than talk about diversity marketing. In this group, we aim to help your customers to find themselves in your brand's message. Together, we are learning the langue to our audience.
A custom travel planning company- we work for a planning fee and focus on honeymoons and experiential travel.
Please join.
Executive in Pop Culture Fan Engagement Business
Get fit using many different modalities regardless of age.
we want gain knowledge on technology
Slack channel for the elemental low code development system.
This is a Slack team for customers and employees of Visually Innovative Computing where you can find answers, ask questions, and talk to the creators.
Join our healthcare community for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) topics (PSCP & PCCC too) for discussion, resources, and Q&A with a nationwide peer group. This is for PCMH CCE’s and healthcare organizations pursuing Recognition.
Channel where WOT can be talked about, get help, etc..
We create video games.
Chatting about the new W.O.I.N. (What's Old is New) Role Playing Game
Open resources to take your English to a professional level, ask vocabulary or grammar doubts, and share ideas, materials and articles.
Corise is a collaboration community to combat climate change and move society forward! We take action on the issues that matter.
Unofficial Directadmin.
Latinx in VC is empowering the latino investment community to collaborate and exchange industry knowledge. In sum, we're a group of vetted Latinx VC investors who discuss deals, market opportunities, events, fundraising efforts, and investment due diligence.
Discovering the future of frontier technologies. Anyone can join. Every week we will be inviting experts to lead a brief discussion in: the possibilities in their field, the challenges, the current state of the art. Examples include: asteroid mining, CRISPR, neural interfaces. This is not a place for hype - it is a place to discuss the science and the economic incentives.
Collecting cheap dedicated servers and vps hosting promo codes and coupons, as well as the vps hosting reviews and tutorials!
Here at D.I.A.P we help people with depression and suicidal thoughts and help them see their happy endings. If you have depression, or know someone that has depression, we will try as best as we can to help!
3D Community (Design, Visualizations, Animations, Games, Films)
A channel with all the purpose fulfilled in one go !
Somos famintos pelos objetivos dos nossos clientes.
We’re a team of Slack fans who would love slacking and programming. We love to bring together slackers from different parts of the world and believe in working rather than chit chat. If Slack is where work happens, is where work begins.
A private community for thriving designers and beginners that want to learn web design with WordPress and Elementor.
Apk apps, games, pdf books, psd templates....anything you want to share or upload you are welcomed to
Introducing the online fishing community where anglers are able to share best practices, tips and hotspots. Find your honey hole here!
The Digital and Computer Arts Organization covers inspiring graphic and web-design topics and opinions and is a growing collective for the digital design minded.
Techvengers is a place for all tech lovers. Let's discuss, collaborate and build this awesome community ourselfs.
Calling all SUSE Linux SysAdmins! Come together and socialise from the comfort of your own server cave with like-minded people. Discuss the issues (or complaints) you have with your servers (or clients)!
personal channel to join professional communities worldwide
Hey this is a LGBT Friendly chat! where you can come and get advice or talk about really anything!
Join the veecr community to get news about the veecr social video platform, offer feedback, report bugs and contribute.
Calling all Slack admins. We are the first and only Slack group for Slack administrators. (Very meta, we know.) Join to learn from other chat admins and share best practices around growing a chat community.
A space for all things golf related, whether it be for golf course management or discussing your next trip away with your playing partners.
WebSummit Slack Community is a community of people interested in attending the WebSummit, asking and answering questions, sharing information and networking before the event.
Polymaths. A place for expert generalists to discuss anything and everything from tech to body hacking.
Stumped: your one stop destination for all the latest live scores and cricket news. Stand a chance to win daily in fantasy cricket.
Esportscab gathers all kinds of esports content of your favorite player or team such as (social) news, Reddit, Twitch streams, Tweets & real-time match data and store them on the related cab.
Knoxville area Technologist and Cub Fan
We are friends exploring Slack functions.
We are group of fellow Indian🇮🇳 traders, actively sharing our trading knowledge and trade our ideas. We remain committed to our trades and are social during non trading hours
Awesome Game Developmet Studio.
Slack for makers
A place to discuss board games
Сообщество - которое объединяет специалистов в области безопасности бизнеса и деловых кругов, а также для тех людей кто всерьез задумался стать специалистом, в этой области.
New to crypto? Or are yo already known in the space? We are here to guide you in the wild west of cryptoland!
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