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18percent is a free online Slack community for anyone living with a mental health issue - no matter how small or large. We understand the issue is widespread. In fact, 18% of Americans living with mental illness, which is why we created a community for folks to meet like-minded people. It can be hard to talk to someone who may not understand first-hand what you're going through. On 18percent you can chat in real-time with 1000's of people from around the world.
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Join our active community on Slack to learn about Intermittent Fasting (IF), get tips and support, and share your experiences. The initial goal with WeFast was to engage on intermittent fasting's longevity and cognition enhancing benefits. However, our group has expanded to also encompass folks who are looking to generally lose weight and have a healthier diet.
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Coronahub is an online community dedicated to confronting the massive worldwide burden caused by the Coronavirus. The community’s job board connects healthcare workers and volunteers with medical providers, while its Slack chat channel allows for the general public to share Coronavirus news and exchange safety advice.
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Street Workout Chat for workouters all around the world.
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If you work from home and care about your mental and physical health then it's pretty much essential that you join this Slack channel and regularly read it's content. #WFH
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WP&UP supports & promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community. Our Slack team offers a safe, judgmental free place to discuss all aspects of the services provided by WP&UP.
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Welcome to a Mindful Community Sharing Good Vibes ✌️ Be True to Yourself 💜 Be a Part of the Change 🌱
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Our main goal is to help and promote discussion between everyone who wishes to innovate and disrupt healthcare.
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BioBreaks connects people, ideas, news, and companies in the biotech industry. As a community we strive to democratize access to biotech information, provide critical in-depth conversations, and promote the ascension of biotech in society.
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Community helping people of all skill levels become better cooks / chefs while sharing our love of food and culture. Topics include: culinary science, techniques, food heritage, recipes, what you ate, and more!
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Chat about the mind! Let's talk mental health, relationships, well-being and living a life meaningful to you. Connect with others to share, listen and grow into the best version of you.
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Health & wellness with an ancestral/paleo/primal approach. Focus on nutrition, physical and mental fitness, sleep, stress mgmt, +.
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A community of people interested in boosting their well-being and everyday happiness.
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Cog States is an invite-only slack group of psychologists, researchers and students 👋
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Equal parts mastermind, incubator, and networking group, the Fitness Accelerator has the singular mission of elevating the fitness industry through better networks. We love cat memes and Facebook rants as much as anybody else, but this is where fitness professionals go to get business done.
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To be straight, procrastination is bad is done excessively. It is costing people money, their jobs, life or whole career. Let's win now is a community where you can find help to keep your check on procrastination and eventually get rid of it. This is open and free community. People are here genrally to get themselves more productive and self-regulate themselves with help of community motivations and succeed in life/work.
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A community to inform and support Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers.
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This forum is to support the WeCudos Labs community. To support the WeCudos mission of Radical Transparency by fostering peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing. Read below for guidance on how each channel should be used.
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Healthynox gives you the assistance you need, from early detection over full recovery to advancement. Our software predicts, prevents, and personalizes mental health care. Your personal mental health assistant. The way to advance.
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Medipedia is a medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform that uses blockchain technology. Currently, patients face medical information asymmetry, which generates price non-transparency between patients and medical institutes. We can provide solutions by using blockchain technology to make the most transparent and decentralized medical information system in the medical tourism industry. Based on the decentralization of the information, our platform offers matching and consulting services between patients and doctors, which gives authority to patients to choose appropriate doctors and medical institutes. To activate the platform smoothly, we encourage external users to participate by providing rewards, such as: social media, big data, interpretation, travel services, and insurance. In addition, we are going to have a huge network of medical institutes that current agents and platforms have not achieved before.
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Curving our way through the jungle step by step
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Get fit using many different modalities regardless of age.
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Join our healthcare community for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) topics (PSCP & PCCC too) for discussion, resources, and Q&A with a nationwide peer group. This is for PCMH CCE’s and healthcare organizations pursuing Recognition.
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The Ecosystem is a supportive and positive home for anyone interest in optimizing human movement, maximizing athletic performance, resolving injuries, accelerating recovery, or any unique combination of those mentioned above. The truth is, the challenges our bodies face are simply too broad or overly complicated to be adequately dealt with by any single movement or fitness practice. The breakthrough innovation required to optimize your body, health, and performance often result from the cross-pollination of various movements and disciplines, where siloed skills and rigid rules make room for physical freedom, allowing us to perform any physical feat at any time. Exploring different disciplines will allow you to explore movements you never would have been exposed to and will broaden your physical skill set.
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Healthcare Group is for physicians, administrators, vendors, consultant, students and enthusiast to connect, collaborate towards getting better health for all
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Selah House is a residential treatment facility for adult women and young girls that struggle with complex eating disorders. Selah House is located in Anderson, Indiana and has been in business since 2006.
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sharing knowledge together
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Mutual support for anyone affected by ADHD. Of course there are plenty of bulletin boards, etc out there but Slack works for me. Let's see if this Slack team grows organically. I might try promoting it a bit more actively in the future.
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Mental Health, Women, Entrepreneurship, DM on IG to join
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The Little Joy salon and services is a premier class of facilities provided to our clients. With an exquisite range of products and services, we impart quality and precision in our works. Our key areas of focus is on the deliverables that we commit to our clients. With a chain of services spread across different regions, we ensure that the experience of our customers is a delightful one to cherish for lifetime.
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Bhagwati Ayurved is an independent Ayurvedic medicine company, manufacturing and treating patients from its operations in Patna, capital of Bihar.
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Meditation community with mentor guidance. Small in size to allow personal touch.
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Drugssquare (International Online Pharmacy) - Buy medicine online and get the lowest price on all prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Let us know if you have any query, mail us at:- [email protected], Call/Whatsapp:- +91-9958550955 or 24/7 Live Chat.
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For those who are currently living, or are interested in living the naturist lifestyle.
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We are providing best breast augmentation surgery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Black Leopard ought to be your one-stop goal for a flexible scope of Best Skin Care For Men which give you sparkling and light complexion.
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Whether you're a psychedelic researcher, therapist, experienced psychonaut or just curious about these fascinating compounds and the experiences they create, we welcome you. Chatrooms include #psilocybin (magic mushrooms), #LSD, #DMT, #retreats, #ayuahsca, #MDMA, #advocacy, #marijuana, #support and many more.
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Sunshine Smiles Dentistry is a cosmetic dentist in Roswell Georgia. We offer the following Cosmetic Dentistry services: Teeth Whitening Bridging Veneers Implants Straightening
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Wisdom Teeth Removal is a Melbourne based dental clinic. We provides a best dental treatments like wisdom tooth surgery, wisdom teeth removal, tooth infection removal, tooth extraction, and tooth impaction. We have professional and well experienced dentists for all treatments visit our website or call us 96622420.
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Dr. Hosseini Sianki Rehabilitation Clinic with two branches in the east and west with more than 15 years of experience, experienced staff and modern equipment, is ready to provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychology services. Contact number: 09126117774-09356117774 Website address: www.drhoseinisianaki.com
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Northside Dermatology is Melbourne’s one-stop destination for all things skin. We specialise in the early detection and management of skin cancers and all aspects of medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology. If you are seeking skin clinic or dermatologist to have a skin check, improving sun damage, treat acne, rosacea, pores pigmentation, or simply look and feel of the best of you, the professional team of Northside Dermatology are here to support your skin journey from our two convenient locations in Fitzroy North and Reservoir.
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HMI transitioned into a diversified healthcare company assisting providers in reducing costs and improving financial health and compliance through a wide range of services which include providing contract coding and coder quality reviews; improving professional staff clinical documentation and compliance; and providing revenue cycle services which include Charge Capture, Chargemaster Reviews, Bill Audits, Claims Reviews, Medical Coding Services, Physician Services and Case Management Services.
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