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Slack Community with a sole purpose to offer a platform for expats and devs residing in Pakistan to connect with fellow Android enthusiasts and support knowledge transfer from experts working in Local and International companies.
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Wadah programmer berbagi ide dan berkembang bersama. Ini adalah komunitas online untuk berbagi dan menemukan ide-ide hebat, berdebat, dan berteman. Siapa pun dapat berbagi artikel, pertanyaan, diskusi, dll.
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Join forward-thinking software leaders and quality advocates in having inspiring conversations, sharing best practices and learning new skills!
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Comunidad de marketing digital, tecnología y emprendimiento.
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Get all the help with your technical interview question.
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The Seattle Sketch Meetup group.
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Do you like bacon and eggs for breakfast? This community will feed you with startup diet. With love from Prague. That's VentureBreakfast!
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Barn lights made in America. Our modern farmhouse lights are made to last. Use our ceiling mounted or gooseneck lights outdoor or indoor.
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AirCTO Connect is a developer community for programmers and developers. Currently we have Android, Full Stack, iOS, Frontend Developers etc in our community.
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Opinionated acceptance testing framework.
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We are in WordPress (themes and plugin) development since past 10 years. We design beautiful & responsive WordPress themes and plugins. We have a team of 50+ passionate IT-Engineers.
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Freelance Mastermind is an exclusive mastermind community for ambitious freelancers. If you're a freelance professional looking for online coworking, peer feedback, coaching/mentorship, and accountability, we've got just what you need.
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A Slack community of thinkers, makers, and doers living in or passing through Athens. Share ideas and gigs, get support from fellow freelancers in your city and collaborate on projects.
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Community for Entrepreneurs, Developers & Digital marketers to connect. New Community, currently 70 members strong. Everyone welcome from newbies to experts. Huge knowledge base for web development, digital marketing & Shopify. Come join the dark side.
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Online chat support and community group for moms to connect with other moms entering into motherhood. We chat about all things from lactation to sleep and postpartum recovery. By sharing our own experiences we help each other with practical advice and the kind of compassion and understanding that only another mama can provide! This is a moderated channel and SAFE space for only postpartum women. The nature of the Slack phone app makes it quick and easy to connect with you most need it.
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Чат сообщества UX/UI дизайнеров. Поиск работы, проектные работы, обмен мнениями о рейсах и работах.
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Beebench Slack app Look for developers and designers from inside Slack
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Welcome to the Climbing Slack community! This is a place to discuss all things climbing and mountaineering related. With channels for #bouldering, #sport, #alpine, #uk, #usa and more there's loads to get stuck in to.
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Dfw Roofing Pro is highly devoted to serve the roofing and fencing needs in a timely manner with extensive emphasis on quality craftsmanship and customer service.
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We are travel professionals from Caucasus
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Come and join Crypthena on slack! We are happy to start the conversation and talk about all your cryptorelated questions. Get in touch with crypto enthusiast entrepeneurs, investors and traders. We hope you like the conversation! Here’s a quick overview of the available channels: #general #trading #taxes #security #jobs #price_talk #events #resources #random See you soon!
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Comunidad de desarrolladores en Colombia
Hey Guys, Join this team to know more about How to start a blog in 2019 and Make Money online through Digital and Affiliate marketing. Click Here https://dpblogtips.blogspot.com
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Fort Worth TX Roofing Pro being a part of Fort Worth Roofing Company is a group of certified roofing experts who are into this business for more than 15 years. They can easily handle any kind of complex project and offer great value to it. You should be rest assured of the fact that you can get quality work once you take their roofing services.
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This is a community to help in finding the job. If you know a job opening in your company or in your team, post it here to help the community. Let's help each other!
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We create video games.
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Le Slack Piloterr (French) regroupe des créateurs venant de tout horizon parlant de logiciels, innovations, IA, ML, cloud... Venez collaborer sur des projets passionnants et bien sûr élargir votre réseau. 🤙
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Gruppo Utenti Sviluppatori PHP, gli organizzatori della conferenza internazionale: PHP Day
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SpetraAero is a like-minded people community about Technology, Digitalization & Data Analysis for staleholders of Civil Aviation & Freight Logistics.
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The first slack community for agency owners
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Get essay help and online class help.just email [email protected]
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This is a community for the discussion of birding-related topics. It's an inclusive, respectful place to network and have fun. It's not affiliated with any organization or cause, and it's not selling anything. Its upkeep is a volunteer labor of love.
MJ Freeway cannabis consultants have made our clients’ dreams come true. From winning licenses and optimizing businesses to increasing revenue and passing inspections, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve success.
A slack community for the content management system for creatives.
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personal channel to join professional communities worldwide
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Space Engineering and leadership
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We from crypto2day believe that cryptocurrency is the future and we want to contribute to the crypto community. For this reason, we offer the latest cryptocurrency news, a crypto trading course, a guide to start cryptocurrency trading and even a free bitcoin magazine.
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UpdatedReviews is a website hosting resources site where I write about genuine experiences with various well-known hosting companies. Reviews and comparison of the top web hosting services for your personal as well as business websites, web blogs, eCommerce site or online store etc.: https://www.updatedreviews.in
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Some useful information on CDL Jobs: truck driver sitting behind directing wheel in truck There are select occupations you should initially talk about with friends and family before considering applying for work in the field. Truck driving is one such occupation. From multiple points of view, being an OTR (over-the-street) or CDL driver is more a way of life than an occupation. Its requests, especially upward of 300 days of the year out and about, will absolutely constrain what time you spend at home, subsequently affecting associations with people around you. Furthermore, on the grounds that it might be two years previously you can move into a provincial driving position that considers you to return home week after week, rather than once at regular intervals, companions or accomplices merit some state in your considerations previously you choose if driving a truck as a profession is for you. In any case, in case you're pulled in to adaptability, 20 hours of isolation every day, and following an alternate daily practice from whatever remains of the populace, at that point this vocation is unquestionably worth investigating. To help you in an exchange with friends and family, and to fill you in on what's in store in this profession, consider the eight significant actualities beneath about truck drivers in the US. You might be shocked by what you realize. Trucking Jobs: https://srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html 1. Days can start extremely early. Numerous drivers like to move with the light; others like to drive as the night progressed. OTR truck drivers don't have set beginning hours, except if they're bringing in to dispatch subsequent to coming back from "time off." 2. You might be relied upon to work up to 70 hours over an eight-day time frame. After you've labored for 70 hours, you can't drive again until the point when you take an entire 34 hours on furlough. The 70-hour limit could be come to by working 14-hour days, yet you can't drive for over 11 hours in multi day. You should finish up your "Long periods of Service" with a 10-hour break. 3. A few drivers are paid hourly, yet by and large pay is determined by mile. A conveyance driver does not get paid when the individual in question isn't conveying. 4. Businesses who pay "viable miles" pay dependent on each mile driven while at work. Then again, "paid miles" is increasingly similar to drawing a straight-line on a guide from Point A to Point B, despite the fact that courses aren't in every case straight. Your compensation can increment in the event that you turn into a coach, will pull oversize cargo or unsafe materials, or if a business pays you a level of each heap you run. 5. Frequently, you won't recognize what you'll be paid until the finish of a year. A decent gauge would be $35,000 in your first year, and $45,000 to $55,000 from that point. 6. You will either do "drop and snares" or live stacking and emptying, which can take a few hours each. An OTR driver will never need to empty any cargo, yet you are dependent on different sending and getting offices watching your strict timetable. 7. Most drivers are relied upon to cover 125,000 miles for every annum. That separates to around 2,500 miles every week, which compares to 500 miles per day. Consider that. 8. There are numerous advantages that accompanied a truck driver's timetable, not the minimum of which is a novel perspective of the nation, and in addition kinship among your companions. You'll generally get the opportunity to drive present day trucks with agreeable, ergonomically planned seats to enable you to remain caution and centered. This is similarly also, in light of the fact that a large portion of your working days are spent in a 8' x 8' space, however that shouldn't limit your creative energy or desire. Truck drivers have a long history of being held in high regard by the general population. There's a persevering social appreciation for the 'Knights of the Road'–part cowhand outlaws, part store network sheriffs. There's even a national thankfulness week! Simply be cautioned that regardless of whether you're youthful, single, and quick to be free, it's certainly difficult to be a "proficient vacationer." Talk through the implications of this way of life, for your friends and family and yourself. A decent day for a truck driver is constantly spent out and about (or out and about home). Shouldn't something be said about this occupation may interest you? How might you sit back from in the driver's seat of a major apparatus? Talk us up in the remarks underneath! Best wishes from CDL Jobs Team!!!
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Why you need to find trucking jobs? There’s nothing standing between you, your vehicle, and the open road winding ahead. The windows are down, the gentle breeze is tickling your cheek, and you’re singing along with the radio that is blasting your jam. Life is great. You’re doing what you love: driving. Your only wish is that you could get into a career doing something that makes you as happy as driving. Hey! Here’s an idea for you. What about a career as a truck driver? Truck driving is one of the steadiest jobs out there, and there is a big shortage of qualified drivers who are up to the task. And, truck driving will never be outsourced. As long as consumers continue to purchase merchandise, there will be a need for drivers to transport the goods to their destinations. More high paying trucking jobs: https://srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html The need for qualified truck drivers is in high demand, so if you’re looking for a stable job, a career in truck driving could be the one for you. After reading if you thinka CDL career might be for you bookmark our top truck driving schools page and study for class with a variety of CDL tests. Best wishes from trucking jobs team!
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LcTrucking, we are located in Texas USA to supply information on trucking jobs. You can see latest CDL jobs and information for free. Also, you can find best trucking companies and trucking schools near me in Texas. We update daily. You are requested to visit and revisit to check-out latest high paying trucking jobs information with starts. Source: www.srilankajobstable.blogspot.com/2018/09/trucking-jobs.html
West Coast Trial Lawyers - personal injury lawyer have helped injury victims across the state of California recover compensation for their injuries. West coast trial lawyers have extensive experience in successfully winning tough cases, which has resulted in in winning over $1 billion for our clients. The president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, Neama Rahmani, is one of the youngest graduates in the history of Harvard Law School. Many celebrities, including Carmen Electra, Johnny Manziel, Anabelle Acosta, and others, have chosen our firm to represent them.
West Coast Trial Lawyers - personal injury lawyer have helped injury victims across the state of California recover compensation for their injuries. West coast trial lawyers have extensive experience in successfully winning tough cases, which has resulted in in winning over $1 billion for our clients. The president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, Neama Rahmani, is one of the youngest graduates in the history of Harvard Law School. Many celebrities, including Carmen Electra, Johnny Manziel, Anabelle Acosta, and others, have chosen our firm to represent them.
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Information regarding the submission process for the 2019 International ANDY Awards!
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Developcoins id the leading cryptocurrency & blockchain development company in India.Our service help to realize the unique and powerful technologies used for secure & complete solutions as per the business people requirements. We are experts in providing the best services that include crypto coin development, wallet creation, mining, exchange software development and much more. We assure to create unique and secure cryptocurrency development services with years of experience in the field of highly secure application development. Also provide High-security encryption in all digital coins and wallets. We have a team of professional Cryptocurrency Developer that provide a complete solution for the cryptocurrency, blockchain technology development, ICO development, bitcoin mining solution, smart contract blockchain & more…
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The community of developers working with Skaffolder
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Paleotronic is your retro-technology destination, celebrating retro-gaming, vintage computing, electronics and more!
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